Crochet Slippers

There never was a better time than now to start making your own clothes or accessories. Of course, saving money is likely to be the compelling motive, but there are all sorts of other equally good reasons. Even for the fortunate few who are not feeling the pinch nowadays, it is by no means easy … More Crochet Slippers

Crocheting a Scarf

Crochet is such an ideal craft. It can be so fulfilling. It can also be useful. The craft can even make you such wonderful accessories that you can share to family and friends, like hats, socks and scarves. If you will choose a fashion accessory to give away to friends, the best choice is the … More Crocheting a Scarf

Crochet for Beginners

Crochet was known to identify the status symbol of a person from the early history. This kind culture was practiced by the royalties who were able to afford buying expensive lace products and make the value of crochet products to depreciate. Many have theorized that knitting and crocheting was developed through the old practices of … More Crochet for Beginners